Eating and Watching – The Perfect Match?

Watching a Cooking TV show whilst eating may seem like a brilliant idea at first, but in the end, you will just feel that your meals aren’t nearly as attractive or tasty compared to the chef’s culinary creation. Nonetheless, here are some meals and TV series that are a match made in foodie heaven:

1. Games of Thrones & Chicken Pie

Game Of Thrones/HBO/Via:

Winter is coming as they have been saying for 6 seasons. In order to fight the cold, people living in Westeros have their own specialty to have power which is Pigeon Pie. Joffrey Baratheon (more Lannister than Baratheon) has ordered a giant Pigeon Pie for his wedding/murder(…). However, it isn’t something that humans fancy so as a substitute, we find the English specialty Chicken Pie a perfect fit.

2. Flash & Burger and Fries

The CW
The CW

Early on in the series, we learned that Barry Allen can’t use his speed powers when his stomach is empty. Consequently, he needs to eat high-calorie and protein meals in order to not pass out while running. As we have been told all our lives, burger and fries are the appropriate meal if you want to increase your weight. For all the girls who avoid gustatory experiences in order to be fit, we have the solution! Run as fast as Barry and you will lose 10,000 calories in just 5 minutes.

3. Grey’s Anatomy & Hot Dogs

ABC Studios

Doctors are always in a rush; they never have time – especially for cooking. They are often completely addicted to fast food which is paradoxical since they are doctors and promote healthy lifestyle and food. Moreover, once the former residents did a hilarious hot dog eating contest where as usual, Cristina was the best.

4. The Simpsons & Donuts


Do you remember the episode where Homer doesn’t want to live in the perfect parallel world just because donuts don’t exist? So you can imagine how important donuts are to the Simpsons. Why not give yourself a little pleasure by having a Donuts party ?

5. Vikings & Salmon fillet with vegetables


They are great warriors, they are great sea-travelers, they are blond, they are Vikings. They need a lot of proteins and healthy foods to stay fit and most of them are living on the seacoast so they are used to eat fish! Obviously, salmon is a popular choice given the location!

6. The Big Bang Theory & Asian Food Takeaway


This group of guys eat Thai food every Monday night and order Chinese food for the special occasion. Even the amazing opening ends with the group eating Asian takeaway together, this is the type of friendship that we dream about! It is warm and welcoming to eat every night with people you like. Do the same, call some friends, order an Asian food delivery, sit in front of a TV and watch The Big Bang Theory.

7. House of Cards & Ribs with coffee


A true man eats Ribs when they are craving – even as a breakfast and real men with power drink coffee (a lot of it!) That’s what we learned from the first episode…and also that politics is way more dark and complicated than we think.

8. Breaking Bad & Scrambled eggs with bacon


Breakfast is the most important meal of the today especially for Walter White and his son.  Even for his birthday, the chemist receives a plate of scrambled egg with bacon. And for the son, Walter Jr would never reject a bowl of cereal (we know, bacon and eggs would have been the better choice…)