Tasty Food That Can (Surprisingly) Cure You

We often believe that the types of food which can cure us are ‘medicinal’ or straight out unappetizing. Some foods, however, have a secret effect on our body…

1. For a Stomach Ache: Papaya


We all know that bananas and rice can do wonders with stomach issues. But the leader in remedies is actually papaya as it contains 2 magical enzymes:  papain and chymopapain, which quickly and efficiently break up proteins and food that may irritate the stomach. Traditionally used for ulcers, it’s been uncovered that it helps encourage digestion and ease indigestion. Moreover, papaya provides a healthy acidic environment and soothes the stomach.

Did you know? Baked apple is rich in pectin and fiber that help get rid of irritating food particles in the stomach.

2. For a Headache: Watermelon


The primary reason of a headache is dehydration in the brain so to cure it, you need to eat food will lots of water inside such as watermelon or cucumber. Moreover, Watermelon provides magnesium which also prevents headaches.

Tip: Add some ginger if you’re doing a watermelon juice since ginger helps to ease nausea symptoms and fights inflammation.

3. For Flu: Ice Pops


Ice pops are the best medicine that you can hope for when you get the flu and you are stuck in bed. Believe us or not but ice pops actually smooth the throat and hydrate your body. As we know, it is essential that you drink enough fluids! Be careful to choose an ice pop which is made from 100% fruit juice to get nutrients and vitamins, though!

Tip: Add some mashed garlic if you make your own ice pop since garlic boosts the immune system and gives you relief from congestion.

4. For a (Hangover) Headache: Baked Potatoes


When you hear that your mother has a traditional hangover headache potion, you know you can expect some nasty green-brown unknown medicinal liquid. Don’t panic, we have a tasty solution for your problem! Indeed, alcohol causes dehydration of the brain which leads to fewer electrolytes such as potassium. And baked potatoes are one of the foods which contain the t quantity of potassium (around 721 mg).

Tip: To avoid a hangover headache the next morning, drink a full bottle of water before going to bed in order to be well hydrated during your sleep.

5. For Acne: Chocolate


Obviously, having vegetables and fish instead of junk food contributes to a decrease of acne. However, recently some studies have found out that chocolate and more precisely cocoa is an amazing anti-acne agent. Indeed, chocolate contains a high quantity of alkalinity which removes the acids in the body which leads to breakouts and improve the blood flow in the skin. Be careful: we are talking about black chocolate without added sugar.

Trick: Having some nettle tea is wonderful for the skin since it helps to calm the skin against acne and eczema.