Time for a Bit of Pizza Trivia

Different countries have different traditions – no secret there.

But some of these food facts are guaranteed to teach even the most seasoned foodie something new….


Did you know that one of the most popular pizza toppings in Australia is shrimp? The expression ‘let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie” is starting to make a lot more sense now… P.S. the shrimp is often accompanied by pineapple and barbecue sauce (No, we haven’t tried it yet either.) Other topping choices include kangaroo, crocodile, and emu.

shrimp pizza

Source: The Pizza Guys


Ever heard of something called Pizza Crunch? Available in fish and chips shops in parts of Scotland – take a pizza, fold it in half, deep fry it and serve with either salt and vinegar or your choice of sauce.

pizza crunch

Source: TripAdvisor


According to highly respected sources (location: Internet.) a popular topping in the land more often associated with sushi than pizza is: eel. Together with mushrooms, onions, cheese and sesame seeds, this

eel pizza

Source: Susan’s Kitchen

Costa Rica

We’ve covered a lot of savory ingredients but where’s the sweet stuff? That’s where Costa Rica comes into play with a topping sure to turn heads: grated coconut, especially when it meets Australia’s fav ingredient: shrimp. Gotta be honest, curious to try this one!

coconut pizza

Source: Triphobo


It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that one of the most popular dishes in the world (curry) has been mixed with another from the other side of the world (yes, pizza). A classic to come, an exotic adventure to another. Sounds (and looks) like a winner.

curry pizza

Source: Nutrition For Us


So, what’s your favourite pie?